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That sense of serenity and harmony that surrounds you.
A place. A house. A neighborhood. The city.
“You cannot think of architecture without thinking about people.” Richard Rogers

You, your space, your home, in your neighborhood, your city.

The foundation of Abitare In’s design philosophy is based on studies of the relationship between individual and the environment, with a close attention to the connection between architecture and people: a humanistic approach to inhabiting cities where you, your peace of mind and harmony are at the center.

We imagine the city as a body, an organism, a constantly evolving network. The urban fabric is composed of a dense network of relationships, which we aim to revamp through innovative real estate interventions, bringing new pulse to the city and its inhabitants.

Our projects come together in perfect harmony with the local reality to offer you the chance to fully experience your new district, in constant connection with the city.

Inhabiting a place is a unique gesture, which concerns our personal way of living. It is for this reason that our projects have a human-centered approach, taking into consideration personal values and desires of unique individuals; the person, as an inhabitant and citizen, around whom to build in a sustainable and happy way.

Psychology of Living

Your well-being is at the center of our design philosophy: for this reason we develop projects based on profound studies in Psychology and Neurobiology in relation to Architecture.

The quality of the environment in which we live directly affects the well-being of our mind and body. This is why Abitare In connects architects and psychologists who are dedicated to a constant search for the improvement of the quality of the city and that of people’s lives inside their homes.

We adopted a specific protocol that refers to research on the phenomena and processes of the psyche in architectural environments to certify the level reached by our projects in terms of “Psychology of Living”.

Iconicity & Style

Services for your living, for your better lifestyle.

In our design approach are essential not only the architectural and technical aspects but also the services and functions that complete them and make the project unique and functional.

Thanks to an articulated proposal of services dedicated to living, we promote a contemporary and sustainable lifestyle, oriented towards wellness and sociality, as well as the functionality of spaces and places.


A professional team of architects dedicated to personalizing your home.


A Customer Service at your disposal to oversee your every choice.


A complete set of options that allows you to customize your home with products and brands of excellence.

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