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Your uniqueness becomes home.

#laCasaAbitareIn, custom made for you

The house speaks of those who live in it, like a mirror that reflects our tastes, our personality, our needs. With us your new home becomes like a tailored suit, tailored to your wishes.

Other have just dreams, you make them come true

We offer the unique opportunity to shape and design the spaces according to your needs, customizing not only the finishes but also the spaces of your new home just as you want.

  • Choose
  • Design
  • Customize

1. CHOOSE your ideal solution

You can choose from a vast catalogue of housing solutions, from two-room apartment to multi-roomed, declined in City, Comfort and Space models. Choose your staircase, floor and the exposition of your new home directly from our revolutionary on-line platform.

2. DESIGN according to your preferencies

A platform, smart and technological, born to revolutionise the residential sector and developed in collaboration with our interior architect to support you during the experience of planning spaces of your new home. Shape your new home as you prefer.

3. CUSTOMISE and make it as unique as you

Materials, wall tiles, finishes, furniture, bathroom solutions and additional options… Express your personality and your taste by making your new home more unique and extraordinary.


Our #ProgettiMaiBanali. One more iconic than the other. All in Milan

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