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Our business model

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Market Focus


We operate in Milan, focusing mainly on the family market for the purchase of their “first house”, creating new quality apartments in areas and semi-central districts of our city


A market characterized by a strong demand that by satisfying a primary need is less sensitive regarding economic cycles. The focus on a reference market allows the development of a strong know-how and strong local relationships with all the stakeholders, creating the conditions for a lasting competitive advantage.


€ 119,8 mln

Market Cap.1

General Info


Stock exchange performance since IPO1

2,660 Units

Development pipeline 2-6-7-8

245,000 sq.m

605 Units

Order Book2

€ 228 mln

€ 69.8 mln

Advances/ Contractual agreements



€ 85 mln

Notarial deeds4

125,000 mq

Degraded areas recovered due to urban renewal projects9

78,000 sq.m

Previously cemented surface returned to green areas9

€ 118 mln

Approved insurance plafond5

€ 143,8 mln

Approved mortgages

1 As of November, 24th 2020.
2 Given the total customization of the typology of the real estate units, the Company considered it appropriate to standardize the calculation introducing the concept of a Type Unit in order to guarantee continuity in the communication of information and better comprehensibility and comparability of data. For this reason, in order to indicate the number of real estate units to be implemented in the context of the various real estate projects it will be considered the total size of future construction divided by so-called “Unit Type”(apartments with dimensions of 92 square meters, corresponding to the square footage of a three-bedroom apartment of the City model). In the same way, for the determination of the “portfolio of orders”, will be considered the total size of the proposals and / or contracts divided by Type Units of 92 sq.m.
3 No. of apartments booked for sale based on preliminary contracts. The number differs from the “portfolio of orders” because the average size of the apartments booked for sale is higher than the size of the “Unit Type”.
4 No. of apartments sold.
5 For the issue of guarantees pursuant to Legislative Decree 122/2005 and for planning fees.
6 Including 12,700 commercial sqm of social housing.
7 Not including 12,000 sqm – equal to 130 Unit Type – sold to Korian Group for a senior living development.

8 Including 12,800 sqm – equal to 140 Unit Type – on which we are evaluating a co-living develpment by the subsidiary Homizy S.p.A.

On a design basis and already implemented.