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What is the degree of finishing of the fixtures?

Our projects are characterized by wooden frames, natural material, very durable and light, able to adapt to various housing needs and with a high durability (with water painting maintenance is now minimal). Wood does not pollute, can be recycled and transformed into energy. In addition, a wooden window is a valuable element that enhances the quality of the environment in which it is placed, responding to the most diverse tastes and requests.

What is the degree of sound insulation?

The acoustic insulation (also called soundproofing) is a technique that makes it possible to restrict the transmission of sound energy from one environment to another, by interposing a physical separation means between the two. The purpose of an acoustic insulation system is to protect people from noise by attenuating or eliminating their sound perception. The defense against noise through acoustic insulation concerns both the noises that propagate in the air (airborne noises), and those that are transmitted through percussions, vibrations, entrainment (noises of impact). The current legislation on the acoustic requirements of buildings defines the limits to be respected in terms of noise insulation between different housing units, insulation from external noise, insulation from footfall noise, insulation from noise from the installations, etc. These parameters must be respected by all buildings and represent the minimum values ​​adopted in our projects, where the level of comfort of the rooms is a fundamental element.

What is the air treatment plant (or CMV)?

The CMV – controlled mechanical ventilation system serves to control the intake of air without opening the windows, providing a continuous recycling according to a single flow or double flow mode. In simple flow systems, the external air enters following the extraction of an internal air flow rate, which can be constant or variable. In the first case, a constant flow of air is continuously extracted from the service rooms of the house (bathrooms, kitchens, etc.) while the outside air enters through the vents placed on external walls or on doors and windows; in the case of a variable management of humidity flow rate, on the other hand, the air is taken from the rooms according to the humidity of the room, which varies according to the level of activity of the occupants, while the outside air enters through special nozzles, possibly after to have been filtered.

In dual-flow systems, the oxygen-rich outdoor air flow that enters every room can be regulated by means of special nozzles or diffusers and an intake fan; at the same time, the air rich in pollutants is taken from special extraction vents thanks to a fan and expelled outside. The two air flows pass through a heat exchanger to limit energy losses to the outside.

How does the dehumidification or de-climatization system work?

Air treatment is the set of functions for controlling the thermal conditions, humidity, controlled replacement and the filtration system of powders and other particles, so that the air inside the rooms is healthy and clean . Radiant systems that work with hot water are increasingly used for summer air conditioning (using cold water). For a correct exploitation of a radiant system even in summer, however, a proper humidity control is necessary to limit the risk of condensation. Another aspect concerns the comfort perceived by people: according to what is recommended by the UNI EN 7730 standard, relative humidity should not exceed 60 ÷ 65% to guarantee comfort and a healthy air. For this reason, it is advisable to install a dehumidification system when a radiant system is used to cool down.

What is the difference between the energy classes?

The energy class certifies the volume of energy consumption at home. There are currently ten energy classes: from the A4 (the most efficient) to the G class (the least efficient) and each is assigned an energy consumption value. The hourly consumption emerged from the technician’s examination is compared to the values ​​assigned to the different bands and the house is returned to the class that has a similar consumption interval.

What is BIM technology?

BIM technology allows us to “build” a virtual project, modeling each element, in order to anticipate possible problems from the very beginning. BIM technology makes it possible to design the project by creating a clear interface with the executing companies, facilitating planning, thanks to model simulation and sustainability assessment. Moreover, during the realization phase, it allows a careful control and management of costs and timeline, considerably reducing the work that was not budgeted. The advantages of BIM are also to foresee the future by influencing the management of the maintenance of the project (facility management).

How is it possible to build the project in 24 months?

The production activities are subject to a very careful planning, with predefined deadlines for the collection of apartments solutions from customers. Moreover, to reduce the risk of delays and unforeseen events during the operational phase, the design phase is very detailed thanks to the BIM technology.

What is the height of the ceilings?

The interior height of the apartments is 2.70 m. Some decommitments and / or bathrooms could be lowered to 2.40 m to allow the lodging of innovative systems.

What condominium services offer your projects?

In designing your new home we try to offer services that do not burden the condo fees and that are freely used by all condominiums. We always arrange in advance plenty of space to store bicycles, rooms with work tables for your hobbies or meeting places, depending on the different needs of condominiums.

In the apartment can I change the internal distribution of the rooms?

Our architects are at your disposal to customize your apartment according to your needs and desires, within the limits of regulatory and technical constraints.

Can I put together multiple apartments?

Our proposals range from two-room to five-room bedroom apartments, with different sizes solutions. If none of these meets your wishes, we will design the house that is tailor-made for you.

Your projects include large terraces, why?

Our projects include covered habitable lodges: outdoor spaces designed for the expansion of the house. The lodges represent the added value of all the Abitare In projects, constituting a continuous space with the living area, an important part of our proposals.

I live abroad and I can not attend the customization meetings in the showroom, what can I do in this situation?

If you have no way to reach our showroom, you can manage everything with the team via email and Skype video calls.

How can I be updated on the progress of the construction site?

You will receive a periodic e-mail newsletter dedicated to the construction site. Also in your private area on the MyAi portal you will find all the information and updates on the progress of the construction site of your new home.

Can I have all the documents / contracts in digital?

Abitare In offers you the MyAi portal, an exclusive web platform dedicated to our customers, with restricted access via login and password, where you can access all the digital documentation and receive information or updates on your new home.

What support do you offer for customization of my new home?

As our customer you will be provide with a team of architects and interior designers who will accompany you step by step in all your choices, from the design phase of the interior spaces to the personalization of finishes and furnishing solutions.

Am I entitled to mortgage benefits if I apply to your bank?

If you go to our bank you can “take in” a part of our mortgage loan, with no ignition costs (see other specifications on the previous answers)

Am I entitled to mortgage benefits if I apply to your bank?

If you go to our bank you can “take in” a part of our mortgage loan, with no ignition costs (see other specifications on the previous answers)

Can the installment calculated on the fixed variable rate in 30 years also have another duration?

The loan is set up by the buyer at the time of deed and may vary in duration without constraints of relationship with the default banks.

What is the installment that I see on the website of project?

If you go to our bank you can “take in” a part of our mortgage loan, with no ignition costs (see other specifications on the previous answers)

What can I find in your showroom?

The showroom is the space in which to discover your new home, thanks to the faithful reproduction of the apartments, with real dimensions and finishes. We are waiting to take you on a journey where you can experience the atmosphere and the details that surround you.

What are your promotional campaigns?

Our products can be purchased only during promotional campaigns, at least twice a year, taking advantage of special and unrepeatable conditions. Each campaign is different and provides economic advantages and / or vouchers for the purchase of furniture and Interior Design furnishing accessories produced by our partners. When activated, you can find the campaign and all its specifications on our website and at our showroom.

Do you also make real estate exchanges?

We do not purchase used real estate directly but we can accompany you in the sale process thanks to a qualified partner who will support you in all the necessary activities, taking into consideration also the completion time of the new home that you purchase with us and the financial plan that we have established together.

What are your average prices?

Our projects include the possibility to purchase from a wide catalog of housing solutions to be positioned in a variable way according to scale, floor and exposure, with numerous possible combinations and different price ranges. For more detailed information and in order to define what your housing and financial needs are, come and visit us at our showroom in Viale Umbria 32 or contact our Contact Center at the number indicated on the project page that interests you.

The apartments that you realized are only for sale or do you also rent?

We realize residential projects of new construction for residential purposes only for sale. Thanks to our promotional campaigns you will have the opportunity to take advantage of extraordinary purchasing conditions, guaranteeing the best quality / price ratio.

What services do you offer?

We realize innovative residential projects, through urban regeneration interventions, offering a unique service of complete personalization of your apartment. We manage the entire process directly from the ideation and design of the project to sales and after sales services. With us you will always have our professionals by your side.