It was 8 April 2016 when Abitare In officially became a public listed company on AIM Italia. Since then, the path has been a succession of exceptional and constantly growing results.

The apartments of our first project, Abitare in Poste have been delivered; we have surpassed the entire sales period of our extraordinary project Abitare in Maggiolina; today we are facing the launch of the second promotional campaign of the Milan City Village project in the area of Viale Umbria. To this date the numbers give us credit, not only in terms of results but also credibility, which we have built step by step, one project at a time.

Because our vision is not only to develop iconic and urban-regenerating residential projects for the areas in which they arise. In Milan, above all, there is more and more talk of “urban regeneration” in order to define this attention to the social aspect, the community and the city itself. In our imagination we have seen something that goes beyond the real estate world of the last 30-40 years, as well as this concept of regeneration. We define ourselves as Urban Stylists (Stilisti urbani) because we saw the possibility of intervening on the urban fabric and its network of connections and social relations by developing residential interventions of great aesthetic impact that at the service of the community.

Bauman spoke of “liquid modernity” in order to translate the state of extreme dynamism of social, expressive-artistic and cultural variables otherwise called anthropological. The speed ​​of change that affects not only people-people or things-people relationships, but also industries: today we are talking about Industry 4.0, innovative SMEs, Smart Start-ups and other realities that identify a new way of conceiving keeping up with the times.

In this “flow of continuous changes”, the residential real estate sector plays a fundamental role in offering and guaranteeing a new support to the everyday life of the people who live in the city and who today are facing an increasingly smart, more connected and more complex life. Without forgetting that people are also customers, therefore attentive and aware  “consumer-authors”, prepared for the plurality and complexity of the world. They are not passive in their choices of consumption and / or purchase, but they mature their choice on the basis of thoughtful, rational, well-defined thoughts.

In the purchase of a new home there are to be considered many variables that are the basis of the birth and growth of Abitare In and its product “home”: where the house is not only what Le Corbusier called “a machine for living” or even a beautiful thing, efficient and it’s not expensive, but also much more.

We think of the “first house” as the one made to be lived 365 days a year, for young couples, for families, for seniors. A house that is not just systems, structures and bricks, but is made above all by people. Talking about people means talking about emotions, feelings, expectations, dreams. It also means considering the “Psychology of Living” which unites the “hard” aspects of the technologies and architecture of a project to the “softer” aspects of psychology and human sensitivity. In addition to this, we are the only ones on the market to offer the exclusive opportunity to develop a “tailor-made” home, based on the dreams and needs of each client, as if it were a tailored suit.

Design for the people, around the people. What the technicians call “human centric designed”. What we at Abitare In, with our showroom, with our way of doing extraordinary residential projects, we have defined as the “Home feeling”: that cozy feeling when one feels “at home”.

Thinking about people means thinking about the future, but also thinking about “THE” future.

With these considerations, the new Abitare In website is born, completely rethought and redesigned, for a new and more dynamic use, with new sections that will live frequent and current updates for the market, for our customers and for all those who want information on the real estate world. There are many innovative sections for the sector, designed to make its contents more interactive, enjoyable, and a bit ‘more playful. The new website will allow us to continue that path of communication, image and attention to the singular person, path that we started almost three years ago and in which we strongly believe.

Because the house is the product of Abitare In, but Abitare In is made out of people. Of us.

A good web navigation to everyone.

The team of Abitare In

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