Rinaldo Denti Chairman of
Collezione Privata Casetllo Pozzi

MORE ART_ for all

Abitarein works within a city that has always been synonymous with design, architecture and intimately permeated with culture where the concept of art manifests itself in infinite forms. The revolutionary spirit and sensitivity characteristic of the art itself are the guidelines with which we realize our projects with iconic architecture

The partnership with COLLEZIONE PRIVATA CASTELLO POZZI allows us to realize our sensitivity towards the artistic world. We believe in the binomial Art-Architecture as a motor for the urban regeneration of our city. Thanks to our anthropocentric vision, our projects dialogue with the art world, offering citizens the opportunity to appreciate its beauty and share its value

TOGETHER_to promote Art

For Us it means beauty, harmony, energy and positivity. An invitation to embrace the artistic dimension that for the first time manifests itself closer to the person. A totally different perspective that returns new definitions of Art


Dedicated to everyone, free and accessible
without distinction


Spreading art so that it becomes part of everyone’s everyday life


In all its manifestations. The conception of art lies
in the feeling it conveys


November 2019

With the commercialization of the project Palazzo Naviglio has shared with the public, for the first time, the initiative and the will to introduce works of art in our regeneration projects. On this occasion, the public is made aware of our intent to coin the combination of Art and Architecture

November 9th, 2019_temporary showroom Palazzo Naviglio

Starting from “Trilogy Towers Milano”
we will combine a monumental work of art with our projects. A further step to bring human and artistic expression to the professional expression of our architecture


In the photos:
Marco Claudio Grillo-CEO of Abitarein,
Rinaldo Denti-Chairman of Castello Pozzi Private Collection, Giuliano Grittini-Photographer,
Antonio La Rosa-Artist.

Discover the Monumental Works that will accompany our projects


The initiative of Abitarein was formally presented on 28 November 2019. With this event is formalized the opening of the company to the world of art and the desire to spread the latter on multiple levels of sharing: from the integration of artistic installations in architecture to the transformation of our showroom, in a permanent exhibition hosting works by artists such as Elio Fiorucci, Ottavio Missoni ,Giuliano Grittini, Emanuel Chaplalain, Giampaolo Talani

"When we can live in our homes our great contemporary heroes,
then we feel Art close because it also tells our story, our experience."