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The service we offer

to satisfy you at best.

We have revolutionized the way of doing residential real estate,

creating a company where the focus is you and your desire to buy a nice house easily, secured and informed.

Customer Service excellence

We know that buying a new house is probably

one of the most important decisions you can make.

Our commitment is to facilitate you as much as possible in this choice.

For this reason we offer a dedicated team to assist you during the entire process

to give you the best options and to give you all the information you need

leaving only the pleasure of choosing.

You will be informed on all legal and bureaucratic aspects from the preliminary purchase

to the final deed and with the help of an interior designer dedicated you will be able to select

and customize tiles, home-plants and fittings and all other options that will make your home unique!

The team dedicated to you will remain at your disposal even after

the consignment of your home helping in every possible need.

Thinking about you and your needs is one of our peculiarities

that make us a little bit different from the others.

Our "Customer Code"

We are committed to provide you with a quality service throughout the whole buying process and beyond. Is for this very reason we defined a Customer Code we are bound to,

a set of transparency rules to ensure a fully informed purchase.

Always provide you with a clear and detailed information about your new home;

Be on hand to answer all your questions in a complete way

without neglecting any detail;

Assist you in the choosing path of customizations for your new home;

Keep you updated on the progress of works of your home;

Provide you with all the relevant information in order to live in full safety

and peace of mind your new home from the delivery onwards;

Ensure that the functions and structures of your new home have occurred

before that you transfer;

Inform you on all after-sale services that we offer.

Questions & Answers

We adapt us to the changes by listening carefully to your requests

and suggestions to improve us continuously.

Send us your questions and suggestions using the form below:

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“ He who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions. ”


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